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Baker Street Boys: The Case of the Stolen Sparklers

Baker Street Boys

No. of pages 160

Great for age 9-11 years
The fifth title in a thrilling, fast-paced adventure series about Sherlock Holmes's gang of street-urchin detectives. eBook available. When Lady Mountjoy's diamond tiara goes missing, Polly, one of the maids, is accused of the theft. But Polly didn't do it. Discovered by the Baker Street Boys, out of a job and with nowhere to go, Polly begs them to help her - and so they find themselves with another mystery to solve. Wiggins hits upon a plan: why doesn't Queenie apply for the newly vacated job, infiltrate the house and see what she can find out? It seems there are certainly things to be discovered: (1) Lady Mountjoy is broke and in desperate need of money, (2) she has a wastrel brother living with her as a hanger-on, (3) both of them know Professor Moriarty...


This book is part of a book series called Baker Street Boys .

There are 160 pages in this book. This book was published 2012 by Walker Books Ltd .

Anthony Read is a television scripwriter whose credits include "Dr Who". He has more than 200 screen credits to his name, and has won the Writers Guild TV Award.

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Baker Street Boys

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Baker Street Boy
This book features the character Baker Street Boy.

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