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Baker Street Boys: The Case of the Limehouse Laundry

book 4, Baker Street Boys

No. of pages 160

Great for age 9-11 years
The fourth title in a thrilling, fast-paced adventure series about Sherlock Holmes's gang of street-urchin detectives. eBook available. London's docklands: home to a large Chinese community and rife with smuggling - and not only of goods. Into the fray burst Sherlock Holmes's Irregulars, who find themselves swinging into action (at no little risk to themselves) to stop a thriving racket shanghaiing children into slavery. And never is the cause more desperate than when one of those children is their very own Rosie...


This is book 4 in Baker Street Boys .

There are 160 pages in this book. This book was published 2012 by Walker Books Ltd .

Anthony Read is a television scripwriter whose credits include "Dr Who". He has more than 200 screen credits to his name, and has won the Writers Guild TV Award.

This book is in the following series:

Baker Street Boys

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Baker Street Irregular
This book features the character Baker Street Irregular.

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