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Fledging: Jason Steed

Jason Steed

No. of pages 240

Tormented by his mother's death...Taken for granted by his father...Trained in deadly martial arts... Jason Steed is looking for a place to call home. He finds what he's looking for in the Sea Cadets-an elite group of British youngsters being groomed for lifelong service in the military. But when a routine training exercise goes awry, Jason finds himself in the middle of a secret mission. The future of the world hangs in the balance...and Jason might be the only one who can save it.A coming of age heart wrenching story packed with laughs and fast paced action. Most readers who love action and spy fiction will devour this dynamic book in a single sitting or two, otherwise they'll be in extreme agony waiting to see what happens next. -Fictionreviewer.com


This book is part of a book series called Jason Steed .

There are 240 pages in this book. This book was published 2011 by Sourcebooks, Inc .

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Jason Steed

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