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Forever Man (W.A.R.P. Book 3)

book 3, Warp

No. of pages 320

Great for age 11-18 years

You can't outrun your own history . . .

Still trapped in Victorian London, FBI agent Chevie Savano is determined to help her friend Riley find his long-lost brother. But the WARP wormhole has other ideas . . .

Pulled two centuries into the past, Chevie and Riley find themselves in the village of Mandrake. Under siege from prowling monsters that have escaped from the wormhole, the village's only protector is the sinister Witchfinder - a man with a hidden past and deadly powers.

With Chevie branded a witch and sentenced to be burned at the stake, can Riley thwart the Witchfinder's plans before he destroys them all?


This is book 3 in Warp .

There are 320 pages in this book. This book was published 2015 by Penguin Books Ltd .

Robert Dunbar said of Eoin Colfer's first novel, BENNY AND OMAR (an instant number one bestseller in Ireland), "A wonderful book, absolutely hilarious. "

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Chevie Savano
This book features the character Chevie Savano.

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