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Reluctant Assassin (WARP Book 1)

book 1, W.A.R.P.

No. of pages 336

Great for age 11-18 years

It all began with the FBI and WARP (Witness Anonymous Relocation Programme). Hiding witnesses in the past to protect the future - until now.

Riley is a Victorian orphan, hurtled into the twenty-first century and on the run from his evil master.
Albert Garrick, the terrifying assassin-for-hire pursuing Riley through time, along with. Chevie Savano, the FBI's youngest and most impulsive special agent.

As Garrick relentlessly hunts them down, Riley and Chevie face a desperate race to stay alive and stop Garrick from returning to his own time - armed with knowledge and power that could change the world forever.


This book features in the following series: W. A. R. P. , Warp .

There are 336 pages in this book. This book was published 2014 by Penguin Books Ltd .

Robert Dunbar said of Eoin Colfer's first novel, BENNY AND OMAR (an instant number one bestseller in Ireland), "A wonderful book, absolutely hilarious. "

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