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Oxford Reading Tree TreeTops Classics: Level 15: Five Children And It

book 1, Oxford Reading Tree-Treetops Classics

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No. of pages 80

Great for age 6-11 years
In Five Children and It, the children move to the countryside and explore their new home. In a gravel pit they uncover a psammead, a creature who can grant wishes. The children start wishing for wonderful adventures, but they do not always work out as they expect. Exciting and powerful classic stories to enrich and extend your children's reading experiences. TreeTops Classics are carefully adapted versions of must-read stories which introduce your readers to significant authors, powerful plots and characters that have stood the test of time. These abridged versions of classics have been sensitively adapted by top children's authors to ensure that language and content is appropriate, but remain faithful to the original. These enchanting stories will appeal to all your junior readers and introduce them to a rich literary heritage. Each book includes author biographies and notes to help with historical and social context and any challenging vocabulary, ensuring the books are easily accessible. Books contain inside cover notes to support children in their reading. Help with children's reading development also available at www.oxfordowl.co.uk. The books are finely levelled, making it easy to match every child to the right book.


This is book 1 in Oxford Reading Tree-Treetops Classics .

This book is aimed at children in primary school. This book is part of a reading scheme, meaning that it is a book aimed at children who are learning to read. This reading scheme has multiple levels.

There are 80 pages in this book. This book was published 2014 by Oxford University Press .

Edith Nesbit was an English author and poet who published over 60 books of fiction for children under her pen name E. Nesbit. Philippe Dupasquier was born in Switzerland and studied art in France. His French background and training have influenced his own art form, the high quality comic strip, which is very popular on the Continent and formed the bulk of his reading as a child. Margi McAllister has written a number of children's novels including The Mistmantle Chronicles and The Life Shop

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Five Children and it
'Don't you know a sand-fairy when you see one?'. I dare say you have often thought about what you would do if you were granted three wishes. The five children - Cyril, Anthea, Robert, Jane and their baby brother - had often talked about it but when they are faced with the grumpy sand-fairy they find it difficult to make up their minds. And that is just the beginning of their dilemmas. As they discover, there is nothing quite like a wish for getting you into terrible trouble.

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