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Goblin At The Zoo


No. of pages 80

Goblin at the Zoo When Gibblewort wakes up at the zoo, he thinks he's in deep in the heart of Africa. He squeezes his way into a nice, safe cage, only to find he has become the object of affection for a female chimpanzee! Every time Gibblewort manages to escape her clutches, he finds himself being thrown, kicked, and tossed back into the chimps' enclosure. How is everyone's favorite nasty little goblin going to get...


There are 80 pages in this book. This book was published 2008 by Thomson Learning .

Anna Fienberg is the author of many popular and award-winning books for children of all ages. Stephen Michael King is a very well respected and popular illustrator, who has created Figaro and Rumba just as Anna imagined them. Victor Kelleher remains one of Australia's most celebrated writers for both adults and children. His novels have received many awards and commendations, including the Australian Children's Book of the Year Award and the Australian Science Fiction Achievement Award. Formerly an associate professor of literature, he now writes full time.

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