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Maria Finds Courage: A Team Dungy Story About Soccer

Team Dungy

No. of pages 32

Great for age 5-9 years

Find the Courage to Try Something New

When Maria's family moves to a new town, her parents sign her up for the summer soccer team to help her meet new friends. But Maria has never tried soccer before. She would rather be back on her old swim team. Maria is afraid she will be the worst player and no one will like her.

Coach Tony and Coach Lauren remind Maria everything is new at first. Maria will have to give soccer a try to see if she likes it. What have you wanted to try but were afraid to? Like Maria, you can have the courage to try something new, because who knows? That new thing you try might just become your next favorite thing!


Join the Team!

The Team Dungy series of picture books for young readers, ages 6-9, teaches character-building lessons through the familiar world of sports.


This book is part of a book series called Team Dungy .

This book has been graded for interest at 6-9 years.

There are 32 pages in this book. This book was published 2018 by Harvest House Publishers, U. S. .

Lauren Dungy is a bestselling author, a frequently sought-after speaker, and an early childhood educational specialist. She is vice president of the Dungy Family Foundation, an organization committed to strengthening families and helping individuals acquire the life skills needed for success.

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Team Dungy

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