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Harry and Me

volume 1, Harry and Me

No. of pages 48

When Andy is feeling lonely he goes in search of Harry the spider wholives at the top of the stairs.One day to Andys great delight, he discovers that he is able toshrink until he is the same size as his spidery pal.Harry introduces Andy to his many friends who live in and around TillybrookWoods, and Andy soon realises that he lives in a wonderland which is filled withsurprises, and with the help of his amazing friends, Harry opens Andys eyes tothe dramas that the animals and insects of the countryside have to face every day.Andy learns that the life of a spider and indeed all wildlifeis not an easy one.The aim of this book is to introduce children to the plight ofanimals and insects, in the hope that they will come to respecttheir daily struggle for survival.


This is volume 1 in Harry And Me .

There are 48 pages in this book. This book was published 2016 by ETA Publishing House .

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Harry and Me

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