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Sophie and the Locust Curse

Sophie Books

No. of pages 80

Sophie and Gidaado are back and this time the enemy is more dangerous than camel thief Moussa ag Litni. Locusts with their crop-devouring mandibles threaten the livelihood of the entire Oudalan Province. Gidaado is forced to become a crier announcing local news and the descriptions of missing cows. With Sophie's help, Gidaado's announcements become great hits! Who could resist Gidaado's crooning "Has anybody seen my Skinny Legs?"


This book is part of a book series called Sophie Books .

There are 80 pages in this book. This book was published 2007 by Andersen Press Ltd .

Stephen Davies spent several years living amongst Fulani herders in Burkina Faso as a missionary. He has written for the Guardian Weekly (Letters from Burkina Faso) and the Sunday Times and is the author of several books for young readers. www. voiceinthedesert. org. uk

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Sophie Books

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