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Rollercoasters Wild Boy

Rollercoasters Series

No. of pages 295

Great for age 9-18 years
Wild Boy has been covered in hair since birth; he's the missing link, a monster, a sideshow spectacle. Condemned to life in a travelling freak show, excluded from society and abused by his master, he takes refuge in watching people come and go at the fair - and develops a Sherlock Holmes style talent for observation and detection. But when there's a murder, suspicion turns to Wild Boy, and he and the feisty, red-haired acrobat Clarissa Everett find themselves on the run from a London-wide manhunt.


This book features in the following series: Rollercoasters, Rollercoasters Series .

There are 295 pages in this book. This book was published 2015 by Oxford University Press .

Rob Lloyd Jones never wanted to be a writer when he grew up - he wanted to be Indiana Jones. So he studied Egyptology and archaeology and went on trips to faraway places. But all he found were interesting stories, so he decided to write them down. Jake Atlas and the Hunt for the Feathered God is Rob's fourth novel, though he has written more than thirty other books for children, including non-fiction and adaptations of such classics as Jekyll and Hyde. He lives in East Sussex with his wife and two young sons.

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Rollercoasters Series


Wild Boy

This book has been nominated for the following award:

Branford Boase Award
This book was recognised by the Branford Boase Award. The Branford Boase Award is awarded annually for an outstanding first novel to a first-time writer of a book for young people. At the same time, it marks the important contribution of the editor in identifying and nurturing new talent.

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