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Bad Luck

volume 2, Bad Books

Great for age 8-13 years
Reader, beware! This is a BAD book. A VERY BAD book that will bring you nothing but BAD LUCK. Luckily no one would want to read it as it is extremely BORING and contains NO ADVENTURE whatsoever. No magic. No betrayal. And NO DRAGONS. No flying dragons. No fire-breathing dragons. No dragon hunters. ABSOLUTELY NO DRAGONS. The only reason anyone would DARE read this book is if they are VERY BAD and never do what they're told. And you always do what you're told. Don't you?


This book features in the following series: Bad Books, The Bad .

This book was published 2016 by Usborne Publishing Ltd .

Pseudonymous Bosch is the author of the New York Times bestselling Secret Series. He loves rich chocolate and fine cheese. His identity is a closely guarded secret.

This book is in the following series:

The Bad

Bad Books

Bad Magic

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