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Knowing Joey Field

No. of pages 188

Great for age 12-18 years
"By the time we drove into town a briny smelling fog had rolled in from the bay shrouding the buildings and street lamps and the air was filled with a mournful moaning. My feel good moment was immediately replaced by a sense of foreboding." Moving is never easy, and Matt and Stephie soon learn that life in Moody Bay is something else again. Matt is befriended by outsider Joey Field, who is believed to have "the gift" of seeing things, and Stephie's new best friend is the sister of the school bully! Is there any truth in the tales of sunken treasure? And who is behind the spate of increasingly violent robberies and break-ins?


There are 188 pages in this book. This book was published 2014 by Brolga Publishing Pty Ltd .

Pauline Luke was raised in the central Victorian city of Bendigo and lived for several years in Vancouver, Canada where her two sons were born. After graduating from Monash University with an Arts degree she studied Professional and Creative Writing and Editing at RMIT. She has written a number of Non-Fiction books, including two books of riddles and jokes for younger readers: A Bag of Laughs and A Sack of Giggles. Her first YA novel, Amber Pash on Pink, won the Australian Family Therapists Award for the best book for Older Readers by an Australian Author. The second, Bronco Fi Maddie and Me, has been listed on the Victorian Premier's Reading List since first published. She now lives in a Melbourne with her husband and West Highland Terrier.

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