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Witherwood Reform School

volume 1, Witherwood Reform School

No. of pages 256

Great for age 9-18 years
After a slight misunderstanding involving a horrible governess, gravy, and a jar of tadpoles, siblings Tobias and Charlotte Eggars find themselves abandoned by their father at the gates of a creepy reform school. Evil mysteries are afoot at Witherwood, where the grounds are patrolled by vicious creatures and kids are locked in their rooms. Charlotte and Tobias soon realise that they are in terrible danger especially because the head of Witherwood has perfected the art of mind control. If only their amnesiac father would recover. If only Tobias and Charlotte could solve the dark mystery and free the kids at Witherwood and ultimately save themselves. Obert Skye's new series is for all those fans of A Series of Unfortunate Events and A Tale Dark and Grimm.


This is volume 1 in Witherwood Reform School .

There are 256 pages in this book. This book was published 2016 by Palgrave USA .

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Witherwood Reform School

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