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Hollis Family

No. of pages 608

A compelling story of London s theatre world at the start of the 60s as Josie tries to find success as an actress. 12-year old Josie attends a finishing-style stage school where she is firmly told she has no acting ability. Fortunately she finds herself cast as a boy in an American comedy but in a case of mistaken identity she is kidnapped and imprisoned in a dockside warehouse. Managing to escape, she and a fellow runaway take refuge in the Theatre Royal, Stratford. They are offered work by the legendary Joan Littlewood, founder of the Theatre Workshop Company. Much to Josie s surprise this leads to a role in a Saturday-morning film. However, the kidnappers haven t given up yet and they are hot on Josie s trail ... Impossible! is a story that will keep readers enthralled chapter by chapter as the drama unfolds, rather like the film that Josie is in.


This book is part of a book series called Hollis Family .

There are 608 pages in this book. This book was published 2014 by Troika Books .

Michelle Magorian was originally an actress. While acting, she worked on stories and ended up writing the award-winning Goodnight Mr Tom. She has written further novels, poetry collections, short stories and picture books. Michelle lives in London and continues to act and write.

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Hollis Family

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