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Mossop's Last Chance



No. of pages 64

Poor old Mossop. All he wants to do is curl up and sleep. But when Farmer Rafferty finds mice in the corn bin, it looks as though Mossop will be thrown off the farm. He has just one chance -- he must catch twenty-six mice by sunset. Luckily Albertine the goose has a plan!


This book is part of a book series called Jets .

There are 64 pages in this book. This book was published 1998 by HarperCollins Publishers .

Shoo Rayner is the author and illustrator of many well-loved books, including THE GINGER NINJA and RICKY ROCKET series. Michael Morpurgo has brought together poems by writers as diverse as Spike Milligan and Stevie Smith, John Lennon and Jo Shapcott.

This book is in the following series:

Jets on Tape


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