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Spotlight on Sunny (a Reel Friends Story)

Reel Friends

No. of pages 208

Great for age 12-18 years
After winning a local film competition, Sunny and her best friends Kitty and Hannah are off to do a film-making course - in London! Sunny can't believe her dad has let her come on her own (even if he has asked her to phone every day...) Sunny is loving the film-making classes and hanging out with their new friend - lovely, funny Will. Sunny knows that these things don't fit with the future her parents want for her and she starts to wonder what she really wants. And that's not even the biggest thing on her mind - there's also the big secret she's hiding from her best friends...


This book is part of a book series called Reel Friends .

There are 208 pages in this book. This book was published 2015 by Catnip Publishing Ltd .

Keris Stainton has a magazine journalist background and her finger firmly on the pulse of what rocks in a teen girl's world. She co-founded the YA books blog Chicklish ('Reader, I snogged him. ') - www. chicklish. co. uk and blogs at www. keris-stainton. com. Emma hearts LA is her third YA novel, following Della Says: OMG! and Jessie hearts NYC.

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Reel Friends

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