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Fairy Friends

number 1, The Fairy House

No. of pages 112

When Katie gets a doll's house, the last thing she expects is for 'real' fairies to move in! Could Snowdrop, Bluebell, Rosehip and Daisy become Katie's new best friends? But the fairies are in big trouble - the magic portal between earth and Fairyland is about to be destroyed for ever, and they need Katie's help. 'Sparkling, fresh and fun - these fairies are great!' - Linda Chapman, "My Secret Unicorn".


This is number 1 in The Fairy House .

There are 112 pages in this book. This book was published 2009 by Scholastic .

Kelly McKain has written over 30 books, for all ages from tots to teens. When not writing she enjoys dancing, horse riding, yoga and playing the guitar (badly).

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The Fairy House

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