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Story Street Competent Step 8: Man-eating Snails Large Book Format

Big Books

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No. of pages 24

Great for age 6-11 years
*Ensures children progress at the right pace with supportive, gradual progression through carefully graded steps. *Provides engaging humour and lively fiction plots provided by top authors and illustrators enhance excellence and enjoyment in teaching and learning. *Includes varied fiction styles are introduced through fantasy, cliff-hanger, adventure and novelty format titles to motivate and maintain attention. *Promotes valuable awareness of community and citizenship as Story Street is modelled round a contemporary multi-cultural community and many titles are ideal for teaching citizenship and PSHE including issues that range from conservation to bullying. *Specific assessment activities to help teachers monitor children's reading progress and simple integration of assessment for learning throughout Story Street Teacher's Notes ensure children's reading and writing skills progress at word, sentence and text level. *Accessible Teaching Notes and Activity sheets ensure teachers, teaching assistants and parents are all able to contribute to teaching and learning with simple integration of assessment for learning *Covers ICT and literacy with vibrant talking books, author video clips and activities on CDROM for ages 5-7.


This book features in the following series: Big Books, Literacy Land, Story Street .

. This book is part of a reading scheme, meaning that it is a book aimed at children who are learning to read. This reading scheme has multiple levels.

There are 24 pages in this book. This is a big book. This book was published 2001 by Pearson Education Limited .

Jeremy Strong is a multi-award winning author of hilarious children's books, and an expert in both making children laugh and engaging them in reading.

This book is in the following series:

Big Books

Literacy Land

Story Street

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