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First Sport: Gymnastics

First Sport

No. of pages 24


First Sport is a simple, fun series that gives young readers a first look at popular sports and pastimes. Equipment, basic rules and keeping safe are all looked at, as well as learning more advanced skills and taking part in competitions.

First Sport: Gymnastics describes what it takes to be a top gymnast. Find out all about basic and more advanced moves and learn about the apparatus, including the beam and high bar.


This book is part of a book series called First Sport .

There are 24 pages in this book. This book was published 2016 by Hachette Children's Group .

James Nixon is an experienced editor and author of children's books.

This book has the following chapters:

  • 1: What is gymnastics?
  • 2: Basic skills
  • 3: Handstands and cartwheels
  • 4: On the floor
  • 5: Vaulting
  • 6: The balance beam
  • 7: The high bars
  • 8: The pommel horse
  • 9: Parallel bars and rings

This book is in the following series:

First Sport

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