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Diamond Girls


No. of pages 240

Dixie is the youngest of the Diamond family. She and her sisters, dreamy Martine, glamorous Rochelle and tough Jude, could hardly be more different from each other but their Mum's tried to teach them the value of sticking together. Now Mum's expecting yet another baby and she's convinced this one's a boy. Time to move to a bigger place, she insists, and the girls scarcely have time to protest before they find themselves at their new house. It's rough, dilapidated and filthy and before they've even unpacked the furniture, Mum goes into labour! By the time Mum comes home with the new baby, Jude's been in a fight, Rochelle's found a new boyfriend and Martine's stormed off. Only Dixie stays loyally by Mum's side - so only Dixie spots her secret-Another slice of realistic contemporary life, from the UK's most popular children's author.


This book is part of a book series called Girls .

There are 240 pages in this book. This book was published 2004 by Random House Children's Publishers UK .

Jacqueline Wilson has written over 70 books for young readers of all ages. She lives in England.

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