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Pesky Monkeys

volume 3, Mo's Mischief

No. of pages 160

Great for age 6-11 years

Chinese boys can be Horrid too! Join in the fun as Mo-Shen Ma and his mischievous father run riot through school and home. There's no trouble they can't get into - or out of...

Every book in the Mo's Mischief series is packed with hilarious adventures - and a unique insight into modern Chinese life.

Mo-Shen Ma is staying at his grandparents' house for the summer holidays. It's so much fun! He makes lots of new friends and plays some great games, like hide-and-seek with dogs! But when Mo-Shen visits the zoo, some naughty monkeys play havoc with him and his friends. What can he do to get them back? As ever, Mo-Shen has a plan...


This book features in the following series: Mo's Mischief, Mos Mischief .

There are 160 pages in this book. This book was published 2008 by HarperCollins Publishers .

Yang Hongying is China's best-selling native children's author. Mo's Mischief is her most successful series, with eighteen books currently in print and sales of over 10 million in China

This book is in the following series:

Mos Mischief

Mo's Mischief

This book features the following character:

Mo Shen Ma
This book features the character Mo Shen Ma.

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