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The Nightingale


Great for age 4-8 years


This book was recognised by the Parents' Choice Award.

This book has been graded for interest at 4+ years.

This book was published 2002 by Dial Books .

Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) was a Danish author and poet, most famous for his writing down of many timeless, classic fairy tales. He is Denmark's most famous author and his birthday is celebrated every year with a part called "Odin Story Day". Jerry Pinkney has been illustrating children's books since 1964 and has the rare distinction of being the recipient of: Five Caldecott Honor Medals

This book contains the following story:

The Nightingale
An emperor prefers the tinkling of a bejeweled mechanical bird to the song of a real nightingale. The Emperor of China learns that one of the most beautiful things in his empire is the song of the nightingale. When he orders the nightingale brought to him, a kitchen maid (the only one who knows of its whereabouts) leads the court to a nearby forest where the bird is found. The nightingale agrees to appear at court. The Emperor is so delighted with the bird's song that he keeps the nightingale in captivity. When the Emperor is given a bejeweled mechanical bird he loses interest in the real nightingale, who returns to the forest. The mechanical bird eventually breaks down due to overuse. The Emperor is taken deathly ill a few years later. The real nightingale learns of the Emperor's condition and returns to the palace. God is so moved by the nightingale's song that he departs and the emperor recovers. The nightingale agrees to sing to the emperor for the rest of his days.

This book has been nominated for the following award:

Parents' Choice Award
This book was recognised by the Parents' Choice Award.

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