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Something Secret

No. of pages 192

Great for age 9-11 years
Laura thinks she knows her mum, especially as it's been just the two of them since Dad left. But then Mum brings home a boyfriend and, even worse, starts acting very strangely - she's obviously keeping something from Laura. But what? As Laura digs deeper, she begins to suspect the secret might be even more terrible than she first thought . . .


This book has been graded for interest at 9-11 years.

There are 192 pages in this book. This book was published 2011 by Pan Macmillan .

Gwyneth Rees has written under different names for many best-selling children's series, but Mermaids is her first work for Macmillan. When she's not writing, Gwyneth is a psychiatrist in a London hospital. She lives in west London with two cats.

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