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One Dog and His Boy

Playaway Children

No. of pages 282

Great for age 8-15 years
But a dog would damage the expensive carpets in Hal's glamorous home, and his wealthy parents refuse to consider one. Then they discover Easy Pets, a convenient dog-rental agency. Terrier Fleck arrives on Hal's birthday, but when Hal discovers that his dog must be returned, he runs away. Hal and Fleck are joined by a group of pedigree breeds joyfully escaping from Easy Pets - among them is Otto, the wise and sombre St Bernard, and the fierce and excitable Pekinese Li-Chee. A large reward is offered for the missing boy, and soon Hal and his dogs are being chased across the country by ruthless pursuers. Helped by a travelling circus, and the sympathetic children from an orphanage, they race for their freedom in a classic adventure in the tradition of 101 DALMATIANS. Every dog-loving child will adore this irresistible story from a truly great and much-loved children's author.


This book has been graded for interest at 8-12 years.

There are 282 pages in this book. This book was published 2014 by Scholastic Press .

Eva Ibbotson was born in Vienna, in Austria, and now lives in England. She has a daughter and three sons.

This book is in the following series:

Playaway Children

This book has been nominated for the following awards:

North Carolina Children's Book Award
This book was recognised in the Junior category by the North Carolina Children's Book Award.

Great Stone Face Book Award
This book was recognised by the Great Stone Face Book Award.

Galaxy British Book Award
This book was recognised in the National Book Tokens Children's Book of the Year category by the Galaxy British Book Award.

Nutmeg Book Award
This book was recognised in the Intermediate category by the Nutmeg Book Award.

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