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Carousel Tale

No. of pages 40

Great for age 3-6 years
A Carousel Tale Ernst loves the carousel near his house, and his favorite animal to ride is the dog. When the dogs wooden tail comes loose just before winter, the zookeeper gives Ernst the important job of keeping it until springtime. But the tail looks so sad sitting on Ernsts shelf without its dog, and Ernst cant help but try to cheer it up. It isnt long before he has transformed the lonely tail into something


There are 40 pages in this book. This is a picture book. A picture book uses pictures and text to tell the story. The number of words varies from zero ('wordless') to around 1k over 32 pages. Picture books are typically aimed at young readers (age 3-6) but can also be aimed at older children (7+). This book was published 2009 by Tricycle Press .

Roseanne Thong lived in Hong Kong for many years. She now resides in California and is the author of Red Is a Dragon. As a child, Elisa Kleven enjoyed using her imagination to create magical worlds. This love of the fantastical greatly influences her illustration and writing. Elisa lives in Albany, California, with her husband and children.

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