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Planet Janet In Orbit

Great for age 11-18 years
Return to Planet Janet in this witty, diary-style novel about a self-obsessed teenage girl and her attempts to deal with love and life. Exams are over, love is in the air, and Janet's summer is already down the pan. Not only has her mother (The Mad Cow) got a new, right-on boyfriend with two daughters from hell, but she is expecting Janet to get a summer job! Add to that a lovesick dad, a best friend going gooey over a gorgeous Australian and a suffering, pregnant, lesbian aunt - and you have enough to send anyone into orbit. Welcome to Janet's Planet...


This book has been graded for interest at 12+ years.

This book was published 2011 by Walker Books Ltd .

Dyan Sheldon is a popular and highly respected author of books for teens and pre-teens as well as a number of stories for younger readers. American by birth, Dyan lives in London, NW1. www. dyansheldon. co. uk

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