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Charmed Life

volume 1, Chrestomanci

Great for age 8-18 years
The first of the Chrestomanci novels - full of magical adventure! Read by Tom Baker. Everybody says that Gwendolyn Chant is a gifted witch with astonishing powers, so it suits her enormously when she is taken to live in Chrestomanci Castle. Her brother Eric (better known as Cat) is not so keen, for he has no talent for magic at all. However, life with the great enchanter is not what either of them expects and sparks begin to fly!


This book was published 2012 by HarperCollins Publishers .

Diana Wynne Jones (1934 - 2011) was a British writer, of fantasy novels for children and adults, best known for the Chrestomanci series and `Howl's Moving Castle'.

This book contains the following story:

Charmed Life

This book has been nominated for the following award:

Guardian Fiction Award
This book was recognised by the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize Award. This award was founded in 1967 and winners are selected by fellow writers. It is awarded annually to fiction written for children aged eight and above.

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