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Glove of Their Own

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No. of pages 32

This is a heartwarming story that appeals to all ages, teaching the valuable lesson of paying it forward. It is inspired by the compassion of a nine-year-old boy celebrating a birthday where he chose to give rather than receive. The reader will learn how easy it is to make a difference in the world as sometimes the little things we do have the greatest impact.


There are 32 pages in this book. This book was published 2015 by Morgan James Publishing llc .

Debbie and Keri met as parents volunteering in their children's kindergarten classroom in Basking Ridge, NJ. Together they discovered their mutual love of writing and teaching children. They coached local kids in community programs and later expanded on their love of baseball by volunteering for a charity called Pitch in for Baseball. This love to help others was inspired by Moldovan's son Tyler. In lieu of gifts for his ninth birthday, he asked friends to bring used or new baseball equipment. Those items were donated to Pitch in for Baseball. Tyler has an ongoing collection drive and has donated thousands of pieces of equipment to this charity over the past nine years. This was the inspiration for the story and both Moldovan and Conkling support this wonderful organization.

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