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Diary of a Time Traveler: Travel the Globe and Meet History's Most Interesting Characters


No. of pages 64

Great for age 3-6 years
Meet some of history's most illustrious and interesting characters in this book that visits key moments of the past from around the world. When young Augustus falls asleep in history class, Professor Tempo decides to teach him a lesson and show him that history isn't boring at all! She hands him a magic diary, all he needs to do is write the time and place to travel there. Together they head out on a whistle-stop tour of history through the ages to meet some of the world's finest explorers, inventors, leaders, writers, composers and painters, including Albert Einstein, Mozart, Louis XIV, Shakespeare, Leonardo Da Vinci, Christopher Columbus Genghis Khan, Emperor Titus in Rome, athletes at the very first Olympic Games, Tutankhamen in Egypt, and even Palaeolithic man as he discovers fire. Each double page spread introduces a different time and place, with an introductory text from Augustus which explains the sights and sounds, and accompanying captions from the Professor which provide key facts. A character index at the rear gives a short biography of all the historical characters covered, and a timeline helps to contextualize the different time periods covered.


There are 64 pages in this book. This is a journal. This book was published 2015 by Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd .

Young London-based illustrator NICHOLAS STEVENSON 's won silver at the 2013 Serco Prize. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Anorak Magazine and Urban Outfitters. Writer and historian David Long is the author of the acclaimed Animals' VC: For Gallantry and Devotion and more than twenty other books. Jet the Rescue Dog is his first for younger readers. David is currently working on a second non-fiction book for children, The Man Who Sucked Blood From a Shark.

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