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Little Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs

Miniature Editions


No. of pages 64

This is a fact-packed book which introduces over 120,000 years of history to young children. Beginning with the time when dinosaurs ruled the world and ending with the Second World War, the simple text covers traditional curriculum-based subjects such as the Romans, Tudor England and the Victorians. Also included are subjects which are not so widely taught but are nonetheless fascinating, such as the French Revolution, Ming China and life under the Tsars of Russia. It is illustrated with a combination of full colour illustrations and photographs. It is Internet-linked to help readers build on their knowledge by accessing over 100 relevant websites.


This book is part of a book series called Miniature Editions .

There are 64 pages in this book. This is a reference book. This book was published 2005 by Usborne Publishing Ltd .

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Miniature Editions

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