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Wyrmeweald: The Bone Trail


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No. of pages 416

Great for age 12-18 years
An entire herd of greywyrmes, slaughtered for their flameoil. Others trapped, then viciously herded through the mountains. And more and more settlers heading up to the high country, the bones of those who don't make it littering the way, stark and white, picked clean by carrionwyrmes - the bone trail . . . Trouble is brewing on the weald. A great whitewyrme and his kin send out a call to arms, and the wyrmes begin to gather in their ancient galleries. To defend their land against the relentless march of the kith, with their wagons and settlements and taste for killing. Payback is coming. Wyrme against kith. Kith against kin. Even wyrme against wyrme. And seasoned traveller Micah, with his friends Eli and Cara, is heading right into the thick of it . . .


This book features in the following series: Wyrmeweald, Wyrmeweald Series .

There are 416 pages in this book. This book was published 2015 by Random House Children's Publishers UK .

Paul Stewart is the very funny, very talented author of more than fifteen books for children, including The Edge Chronicles, a collaboration with Chris Riddell. PAUL STEWART is a well-established author of books for young readers everything from picture books to football stories, fantasy and horror.

This book is in the following series:

Wyrmeweald Series

This series is set in the Wyrmeweald, a land where wyrmes, fabulous dragon-like beasts, roam wild and reign supreme and where man is both hunter and hunted

This book features the following characters:

This book features the character Micah.

Winged Beast
This book features the character Winged Beast.

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