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Pirate Diary


No. of pages 128

Great for age 3-14 years
The swashbuckling adventures of Jake Carpenter, cabin boy. The twenty-third of September, 1716. I write this on my last day at home. Tomorrow I am to join my Uncle Will aboard his ship and become A SAILOR. Will has told me of sea monsters and mermaids and has sailed through a hurricane. Maybe I shall see these things FOR MYSELF! Nine-year-old Jake Carpenter does indeed see all this - and more, when his ship, the Greyhound, is captured by pirates and he discovers the thrills and perils of life at sea as he embarks on an exciting new life on the wrong side of the law.


There are 128 pages in this book. This is a journal. This book was published 2014 by Walker Books Ltd .

Paul Stewart is the very funny, very talented author of more than fifteen books for children, including The Edge Chronicles, a collaboration with Chris Riddell. Richard Platt is a renowned non-fiction writer, whose previous titles include Pirate Diary which won the 2002 Kate Greenaway Medal. To visit Richard's website click here

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