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In the Beginning . . .


No. of pages 72

Great for age 9-13 years
From cave to skyscraper, from candle to lightbulb, here in one volume is the story of how it all began. Starting at the beginning, the book explains the origins of the Universe and our own evolution, exploring through words and pictures how we have changed the world with our inventions, buildings, and other achievements. Each page tells a complete story of a different topic in pictorial form - from the development of agriculture to the story of powered flight, from the evolution of writing tools to the invention of the telescope.


There are 72 pages in this book. This book was published 1995 by Dorling Kindersley Ltd .

Richard Platt is a renowned non-fiction writer, whose previous titles include Pirate Diary which won the 2002 Kate Greenaway Medal. To visit Richard's website click here

This book contains the following story:

Story of Creation

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