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Oxford Reading Tree: Level 3: Snapdragons: Melting Snow


Key stage: Key Stage 1
National Curriculum: 1C


No. of pages 16

Great for age 4-11 years
Written by top children's authors such as award-winning Gillian Cross, Malachy Doyle and Pippa Goodhart Snapdragons are fabulously illustrated with various writing styles and fonts to make reading enjoyable for all your infant readers. They provides a wide range of picture books for children aged 3-9. Books contain inside cover notes to support children in their reading. Help with childrens reading development is also available at www.oxfordowl.co.uk. This book is also available as part of a mixed pack of 6 different books or a class pack of 36 books of the same Oxford Reading Tree level.


This book features in the following series: Oxford Reading Tree, Snapdragons .

This book is suitable for Key Stage 1. KS1 covers school years 1 and 2, and ages 5-7 years. A key stage is any of the fixed stages into which the national curriculum is divided, each having its own prescribed course of study. At the end of each stage, pupils are required to complete standard assessment tasks. This book is at level 1c of the National Curriculum. The National Curriculum sets out the programmes of study and attainment targets for all subjects at all 4 key stages. Each National Curriculum level is divided into sub-levels, where Level C means that a child is working at the lower end of the level, Level B they is working comfortably at that level, and Level A means that they is working at the top end of the level. The Government has suggested a child should achieve the following levels by the end of each school year: (i) Level 1b by end Year 1, Level 2a-c by end Year 2, Level 2a-3b by end Year 3, Level 3 by the end Year 4, Level 3b-4c by the end Year 5, Level 4 by the end Year 6. This book is part of a reading scheme, meaning that it is a book aimed at children who are learning to read. This reading scheme has multiple levels.

There are 16 pages in this book. This book was published 2004 by Oxford University Press .

Linda Strachan used to be a librarian and is a published children's author. This is her first picture book for Bloomsbury. Linda lives in East Lothian, Scotland. David Wojtowycz is a talented illustrator. He is well-known for the PURPLE RONNIE cards - and also for his bestselling picture books, which include RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE and COMMOTION IN THE OCEAN. He has also illustrated ONCE UPON AN ANIMAL and TEACHER ALLIGATOR, poetry collections by Faustin Charles, for Bloomsbury. David lives in London.

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Snapdragons is a fiction series which uses different writing styles, fonts and illustrators to build children's reading confidence, and top authors and illustrators to capture children's imaginations. The books progress from book band red through to white.

Oxford Reading Tree

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