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Poor Monty


No. of pages 32

Great for age 3-6 years
Monty is a busy little boy. His mother is a doctor, so she's always busy too. With everyone leading such busy lives, it's hardly surprising that no one notices when Monty begins to feel unwell. Whatever can be the matter with him? Young children will easily be able to identify with Monty and his vivid imagination. Anne Fine succeeded Quentin Blake to become Britain's second Children's Laureate for 2001-2003. Twice voted Children's Writer of the Year, she has written more than 40 books, including "The True Story of Christmas, The Jamie and Angus Stories, " and "Up On Cloud Nine."


There are 32 pages in this book. This is a picture book. A picture book uses pictures and text to tell the story. The number of words varies from zero ('wordless') to around 1k over 32 pages. Picture books are typically aimed at young readers (age 3-6) but can also be aimed at older children (7+). This book was published 2002 by Egmont UK Ltd .

Brian Speed was formally Chief Examiner for GCSE maths for AQA(NEAB) and has worked for QCA on KS3 testing; Keith Gordon is Chief Examiner for GCSE mathematics for AQA(A); Kevin Evans is an examiner for GCSE mathematics for AQA(A). All authors are currently teaching mathematics. Anne Fine is a bestselling author, former Children's Laureate and prize-winner with great profile across the trade, libraries and educational markets.

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