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Tadpoles Tales: Aesop's Fables: The Lion and the Mouse

Tadpoles Tales


No. of pages 24


A simple retelling of a favourite Aesop fable. Mouse is in big trouble when he wakes Lion up... but one day, Lion might need Mouse's help!


This book is part of a book series called Tadpoles Tales .

There are 24 pages in this book. This book was published 2009 by Hachette Children's Group .

Karen Wallace is a hugely successful and popular children's author, based in Herefordshire. She has written Sparks and Wonderwise titles for Franklin Watts, and has already contributed to the Hopscotch series. Anni Axworthy is a well-established illustrator of children's fiction with a plethora of styles. Anni lives in London, except when she's leading an idyllic life in a rather beautiful cottage in France.

This book contains the following story:

The Lion and the Mouse
Some field mice were running hither and thither, playing their own game. They were so taken with their game that they did not notice the sleeping lion. In the course of the chase one mouse accidentally ran over the lion's paw, waking him from his slumber. The lion was cross and caught the little mouse by the tail. 'Please don't kill me' squealed the mouse 'I am so sorry'. The lion had intended to crush the little beast, but he tempered his mood and let the creature go. A few days later the lion was out hunting when he fell into a poacher's trap. Ropes wound around him and the terrified lion knew he could do nothing but wait for the hunter and his doom. But then he heard a little squeaking, and as he looked up he saw the mouse he had let go gnawing at the ropes. 'You were kind to me' said the mouse 'and now I will be kind to you'. The mouse gnawed through the ropes and the lion was able to escape.

This book is in the following series:

Tadpoles Tales
Tadpoles are original stories for young readers told in large text under 80 words, with full colour illustrations to support the story.

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