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Clarissa the Clown

Andrew Segals Village Folk

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No. of pages 32

Great for age 3-6 years


This book is part of a book series called Andrew Segals Village Folk .

There are 32 pages in this book. This is a picture book. A picture book uses pictures and text to tell the story. The number of words varies from zero ('wordless') to around 1k over 32 pages. Picture books are typically aimed at young readers (age 3-6) but can also be aimed at older children (7+). This book was published 2007 by Panoma Press .

Steve Parker is an author, editor and consultant specializing in illustrated information books on the natural world, biology, technology and general sciences. He has written over 250 books, has a First Class Honours BSc in Zoology and is a Senior Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society of London Peter David Scott has been an artist and book illustrator for over 20 years, specializing in natural history subjects. He has had over thirty solo books published worldwide by major publishers. He has also designed aliens for a CGI documentary. He lives and works in Yorkshire, England

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Andrew Segals Village Folk

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