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Dance Is for Everyone

No. of pages 32

Great for age 3-6 years
An alligator dancing ballet? When the reptile takes her place at the barre, Mrs Iraina and her dancers are very surprised. But since they cant communicate with the alligator - and she is able to follow along - they just decide to name her Tanya and let her stay. After all, would you say no to a 450-pound alligator? Mrs Iraina even creates a special ballet to showcase Tanya's larger-than-life talents and her super-swishy tail. Then, without warning, Tanya disappears. Funny and irreverent, this book shows that, with just a little understanding, anyone can fit in - even a dancing alligator.


There are 32 pages in this book. This is a picture book. A picture book uses pictures and text to tell the story. The number of words varies from zero ('wordless') to around 1k over 32 pages. Picture books are typically aimed at young readers (age 3-6) but can also be aimed at older children (7+). This book was published 2017 by Sterling Publishing Co Inc .

Andrea Zuill's work shows in galleries in California, Texas and New York. She has exhibited in the San Diego Museum of Art and the Brand Library gallery, where she won the Disney Imagineering award.

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