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I Bee the Bee


No. of pages 32

Be the bee you want to be! Feeling like you don't fit in with the other bees in the hive can really sting. The busy bee in this story would rather be something else entirely than fear ordinary things like rain and cold weather. He wants to be something exciting, like a fast car, a mighty lion, or a duck with shoes-but how's a bee supposed to decide who he is? After seeking out the help of the all-knowing queen bee, he realizes that the answer is to simply be the best bee he can be! Full of clever rhymes, fun bee facts, and a lesson the whole family can appreciate, this book will have you buzzing back to the hive time and time again!


There are 32 pages in this book. This book was published 2016 by Pelican Publishing Co .

Joe Milligan has had a lifelong passion for doodling and writing. Inspired by his father, a jack-of-all-trades hobbyist, Milligan decided to turn his passions into a career in concept generation and product development. He attended LaSalle University in Philadelphia, where he received a bachelor of science degree in marketing and management. Milligan is the executive vice president of Fun Sweets LLC, a leading manufacturer of packaged cotton candy. He lives in Pembroke Pines, Florida, with his family. With artistic talents ranging from graphic design to the meticulous crafting of calligraphy, Alejandro Raymond has dedicated much of his life to creating top-notch illustrations. In addition to offering a number of royalty-free illustrations to consumers worldwide, he is also the founder of Centauria Consultores en Diseno, a graphic design company. He attended Ibero-American University in Mexico City, Mexico.

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