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Friends Forever

Friends Forever


No. of pages 60

Maxine and Minnie have so much in common, but they're very different too. Great Auntie Dot helps them to make old-looking family trees, and Maxine and Minnie pretend to be Victorian. Playing orphans starts Minnie wondering, and finally her mother tells her the story of her dad, who died before she was born.


This book features in the following series: Friends Forever, Maxine And Minnie Stories .

There are 60 pages in this book. This book was published 2003 by Egmont UK Ltd .

Ailie Busby is a very talented illustrator with a distinctive style. She has had work published by Scholastic and Orion and currently lives in Newcastle upon Tyne with her family. Pippa Goodhart is an award winning bestselling author, known for the Winne the Witch series and her

This book is in the following series:

Maxine and Minnie Stories

Friends Forever

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