Nip nip!

Collins Big Cat Phonics

Reading level: Collins Stage 1
National Curriculum: Stepping Stones

Shoo Rayner

No. of pages 16

Great for age 4+

It's a game of hide and seek and Dad the crab is looking for Tim, but he can't find him anywhere. As he hunts around the seabed he finds lots of other crabs in different hiding places, but will he ever find Tim? Written and illustrated by Shoo Rayner this is a fun story with lively, colourful artwork.

* Pink/1A - a simple story with a familiar setting

* Text type - Fiction

* The focus phonemes in this book are s, a, t, i, p, n, m, d

* A picture of the seabed on pages 14-15 shows all the crabs and their hiding places to help children recap the story


This book is in the following series:

Collins Big Cat Phonics
The Collins Big Cat Phonics series allows readers to apply decoding skills whilst reading books by top authors and illustrators. The scheme is book-banded and tricky words and focus phonemes are highlighted in each reader to ensure systematic progression. All the books are complete stories or narratives, whilst guidance notes in the back of each book means they are suitable for send-home, making phonics straightforward for parents too.

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