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The adventures of Pinocchio : based on the film

Puffin Books

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No. of pages 96



This book contains the following story:

Gepetto the carpenter finds a piece of magic wood which he makes into a puppet to be the son he's always wanted. Pinocchio is very happy living with his father but he longs to be a real boy and not a puppet any more. This can only happen if he learns to be good. Pinocchio finds this tricky, particularly as he seems to meet a fair share of tricksters, the Fox and the Cat being no exception. Despite advice from the talking Jiminy Cricket Pinocchio gets into all sorts of trouble, including selling his school book for tickets to the Great Marionette Theatre, and foolishly planting gold coins in the Field of Miracles. And when he lies his nose grows! However during his many adventures Pinocchio learns what it means to be good and eventually the Fairy rewards him and turns him into a real boy.

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This book features the following characters:

Pinocchio is a wooden puppet who learns to be good and is then turned into a real boy.


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