This beautiful hardback Ladybird Classic edition of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens is a perfect first illustrated introduction to the classic story for younger readers.
It has been sensitively abridged and retold to make it suitable for sharing with young children from 5+, whilst retaining all the key parts of Oliver's adventures around Victorian London, including tangles with Fagin and his gang of thieves, pretty Nancy, kind-hearted Mr Brownlow and villainous Bill Sikes. Detailed full-colour illustrations throughout also help to bring Dickens' Oliver Twist to life.

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This book contains the following story:

Oliver Twist
Orphaned Oliver spends nine years in an orphanage before being sent to a workhouse where he is bullied. Desperate to be rid of him the workhouse seek an apprenticeship and Oliver is sent to an undertakers. He falls out with his employers and runs away to London where he joins Fagin's gang of criminals, is caught and accused of pick pocketing but then rescued by kind Mr Brownlow. Unfortunately for Oliver, Fagin won't have that and recaptures him. Whilst on another job Oliver is saved a second time by Mrs Maylie. Fagin - in league with Oliver's (unknown) half brother - seeks to capture him again so his true identity cannot be revealed. But eventually he is outwitted, Oliver is reunited with Mr Brownlow and discovers his true inheritance.

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Ladybird Classics
Ladybird Classics are retold versions of the most-loved children's classic stories, and are specially designed to appeal to a younger audience.

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Oliver Twist

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