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Picture Puffins

No. of pages 32

This large format version of the Pat Hutchins' classic picture book is perfect for sharing with groups of children. The regular sized edition of this book is also available. In childhood, being the youngest often means you're the littlest, too. For Titch, it also means Getting the smallest bike--a tricycle, actually--while his older brother and sister get the bigger ones. When his siblings receive glorious, wind-dancing kites, Titch gets a dinky little pinwheel. When big brother and sister get to handle grown-up-sized tools, Titch gets to hold the nail. Author Pat Hutchins, winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal for The Wind Blew , shows great compassion for the curse of the youngest, especially in her drawings of Titch's wrinkly, down-turned mouth and his desperate little eyes. In fact, her no-frills illustrations are the perfect reflection of Titch's inescapable plight as the lowest rung on the ladder. In the end, Hutchins presents an opportunity for Titch to be more important and symbolically bigger than either of his siblings. The last born in any family will especially appreciate the littlest one's rising moment of glory--literally--that comes in the satisfying end. (0 to 5 years) -- Gail Hudson, Amazon.com


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