My first day at school

Little Nippers

Monica Hughes

No. of pages 24

A look at a child's first day at school. Discusses how the event changes life.


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My first day at school was written by Monica Hughes. It was written for young readers to enjoy. The subject areas covered by this book include Education.

Tags: Childhood, Day, Days, Early, Early childhood, Early childhood education, Education and School

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Little Nippers
Little Nippers features a collection of first information books for young learners, offering quality non-fiction supported by clear photographic images. Capture the young learner's imagination with these "real" books designed with their needs in mind. "Nature Detectives" takes the reader on a walk through familiar habitats. Guided by a narrator, hidden forms of wildlife are revealed and with magnified images of plants and animals, children can see the object in close-up. This is a fun and interactive series, ideal for encouraging children to discover nature around them.

My First
Everyday experiences such as going to the doctor can be scary for the first time. With beautiful illustrations and easy-to-read text, My First...introduces children to commonplace situations in a light-hearted and informative way. The glossary explains new or difficult words, supporting children's understanding of the text. Checked by education consultant Shirley Bickler, these books are ideal for use at home and at school. It includes: colourful illustrations; easy-to-read text; glossary of unfamiliar words; and, notes for parents and teachers.

Little Nippers: my First

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