Dracula steps out

Bram Stoker, Michael Ratnett, June Goulding

No. of pages 12

Dracula steps out every night, Looking left and looking right Looking for a tasty bite. Will it be you? Beware! Our fearsome vampire storms through the forest searching with his x-ray sight. Then he soars up with his friends the bats until he reaches town. Ah, there's a nice tasty little one, juicy enough for a midnight snack. But maybe Dracula isn't quite as dangerous as he seems?


This book contains the following story:

He is deathly pale. His fingernails are cut to sharp points. His teeth protrude menacingly from his mouth in clouds of rancid breath Yet even Count Draculas unnerving appearance and the frightened reaction of the local peasants fail to warn Jonathan Harker, a young man from England, about his host. Little does Jonathan know that this is a land where babies are snatched for their blood and wolves howl menacingly from the forest, where reality is far more frightening than superstition. Whats more, its going to be up to him to stop the worlds most bloodthirsty predator

This book features the following characters:

Abraham Van Helsing

Jonathan Harkness


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