The return to Narnia : the rescue of Prince Caspian

Book 7, Narnia

Matthew S Armstrong, C S Lewis

No. of pages 32

A classical picture book retelling of one of the most famous of the Chronicles of Narnia.


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Prince Caspian
Look sharp! shouted Edmund. 'All catch hands and keep together. This is magic - I can tell by the feeling!' Times have changed in Narnia. The old Narnians are gone, or in exile and the Telmarines in control. But there is trouble in the ranks, as King Miraz, decides his own son should inherit the throne rather than the rightful heir, Prince Caspian. Helped by his tutor, Cornelius, the prince is forced to run after Miraz orders his guards to get rid of him. He is rescued by some of the old Narnians and they use Susan's old horn to call back the four children from their world. Together the old and new kings, and queens fight to regain Caspian's throne and so restore the land of Narnia to the dwarfs and fawns and other talking animals of old.

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This is a seven book series by CS Lewis featuring the magical land of Narnia. Aslan the lion creates a new land of Narnia where animals can talk and portals allow the offspring of Adam and Eve to pass from our world to this new land, and get up to all sorts of adventures...

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