Atticus Claw lends a paw

Atticus Claw

Mark Ecob, Jennifer Gray

No. of pages 224

Great for age 7+
Atticus Grammatticus Cattypuss Claw, the world's greatest POLICE cat, is back. When the kittens at the local cats' home are wrongly suspected of a knitting crime spree, Inspector Cheddar is baffled. Atticus must step in to find the real culprits. In an adventure that takes him from Littleton-on-Sea to the sands of the Egyptian desert, Atticus has to use all his tabby talents to keep one paw ahead of Ginger Biscuit and Jimmy Magpie and his gang. Can Atticus reach the lost city of cats and save the priceless treasure from the villains before it's too late?


This book is in the following series:

Atticus Claw

This book features the following character:

Atticus Grammatticus Cattypuss Claw

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