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Small Change for Stuart

Book 1, Stuart Horten

No. of pages 288

1 review
Great for age 8+
Stuart Horten - ten years old and small for his age - moves to the dreary town of Beeton, far away from all his friends. And then he meets his new next-door neighbours, the unbearable Kingley triplets, and things get even worse. But in Beeton begins the strangest adventure of Stuart's life as he is swept up in quest to find his great-uncle's lost workshop - a workshop stuffed with trickery and magic. There are clues to follow and puzzles to solve, but what starts as fun ends up as danger, and Stuart begins to realize that he can't finish the task by himself . . . The first children's novel by Lissa Evans, this is a fast-moving blend of comedy and magic.


This book has been awarded five stars as it was recognised by the Branford Boase Award, and the The Whitbread Award, and the Costa Award. This is book 1 from the series.

This book is in the following series:

Stuart Horten
The Stuart Holten series features ten year old schoolboy Stuart Horton and his magician inheritance.

This book features the following character:

Stuart Horton

"A book full of warmth, sharp humour and clever puzzles" -- Patrick Ness * Time Out *
"Small Stuart embarks on an awfully big adventure in this quirky puzzle-solving novel . . . A long-lost letter from a long-lost great uncle sets Stuart off unlocking one baffling puzzle after another. Each more curious than the one before, the far-fetched solutions they require bring the book to a hugely satisfying conclusion" -- Julia Eccleshare * Guardian *
"A magical adventure, funny, fast-paced and full of intriguing puzzles" -- Nicolette Jones * The Sunday Times *
"Perfect reading for children aged 7-10 . . . This is [Lissa Evans's] first children's novel. It ought not to be the last" * Achuka *
"A miniature version of Susanna Clarke's grown-up bestseller, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell" * Independent *